by Dott. Eugenio di Zenobio  Naturalistic Guide    
by Dott. Eugenio di Zenobio  Naturalistic Guide    

Abruzzo: Region of the Parks

The Abruzzo is a little and quiet Region of the middle of Italy where the life is still livable.
It's prevalently mountainous, rich of rivers, lakes and extraordinary landscape. There are the most large plateau and mountaines of the Appennines like the Gran Sasso with its 2912 metre.

The Nature of Abruzzo is primitive and rich of charm. The mountainous charactreristic of the Region has prevented on intence exploitation of the territory, supporting the conservation and the survival of many and important animals and vegetables species.
For this reason in the Abruzzo there are 3 National Parks: the Abruzzo National Park that is the most old Park of Italy, the Gran Sasso National Park, and the Majella National Park. Moreover there are also 1 Regional Park, the Sirente-Velino Park and 1 Marine Park, the Marine Area of Torre del Cerrano.

So the Abruzzo is really the Region of the Parks, the green region of Europe!